Decision to move Tesson Ferry Library ‘ill-considered,’ Leara says

To the editor:

The recent ill-considered decision to move the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library, which was based upon questionable logic, is neither in the best interest of the citizens who utilize the library’s many services or the community as a whole.

I understand the need to have a building that is safe for patrons, but the discussion surrounding the library was less than forthcoming. Taxpayers are ill-served when not given the opportunity to express their concerns about potentially expensive public projects.

The need for open and honest discussion among library officials and the citizens who will be affected by the move is critical for a well-functioning civil society. The selection of a new building was rash and done without due consideration to the impact its location would have on those who use the library the most.

Any time such a large expenditure of taxpayer funds to improve our communities is going to occur, the officials who will make the decision must come to the citizens in an earnest and forthright manner. This was clearly not done in the case of the Tesson Ferry Branch County Library.

Library officials were not timely with information and failed to respond to inquiries by citizens for that information in a manner that would have allowed for a real discussion. These actions demonstrate the unnecessary speed at which the decision to move the library was made.

It is my hope that library officials take a step back and re-evaluate their recent decisions and any further decisions so that citizens can receive the proper hearing they deserve.