Baker: South Tech opportunities help south county students to grow


To the editor:

As a longtime resident of Mehlville and a former teacher and administrator in Lindbergh Schools, I certainly concur with the June 28 Call editorial, “Students of south county something to be proud of.”

We have much of which to be proud regarding our innovative schools and the diligent students who attend them. From music to robotics to ACT scores, our students display commitment, ingenuity and collaboration, proving public education works.

Also know that so much of student success begins with creative and resolute teachers who effectively engage their students.

Moving education forward insists on the recognition of non-traditional programming that attracts student curiosity, possibly leading them to the discovery of their “Road Not Taken” mentioned by Robert Frost.

South Technical High School, a strong partner to Lindbergh, Mehlville and Oakville high schools, assists with this discovery.

Providing high-school students the opportunity to explore nursing, computer networking and cybersecurity, first responding, advanced manufacturing, pharmacy and a host of other careers is essential to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to pursue her or his best.

I congratulate the successes occurring in our south county school districts, and I am confident they will continue to grow.

Dave Baker
Special School District assistant superintendent