Cutting police, fire services not the answer

To the editor:

Many of our Crestwood neighbors — and ourselves — have become very alarmed about remarks by our publicly elected officials.

Specifically, we are referring to suggestions of cutbacks in Police and Fire department services.

Our town is currently considered to be a very desirable place to live. Certainly our wonderful Police and Fire departments greatly contribute to keeping and attracting people to our town. We hasten to add that these services are in the forefront of the decision process of businesses considering prospective locations.

Responsible Crestwood residents realize that the costs of all support services are in-creasing. However, responsible residents also realize that these costs must be met if we are to have a first-class community.

Cutting police and fire services will not solve the problem — perhaps it would even contribute to a far greater one. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

No one wants to see any tax increases — especially us. However, if the community can be presented with a well-explained proposed budget for the next fiscal year, we feel certain that vital and necessary services will be supported by a reasonable adjustment to the tax rate.

Let’s all get behind an effort to do whatever it takes to make Crestwood the greatest place to live and do business.

Mary Kramper

Ed Beckman