Current fire board ‘responsible fiduciary stewards of our tax money’

To the editor:

I remember back in 2005 when I deployed overseas with my National Guard unit. I was assigned a critical care helicopter paramedic to my unit. He asked where I lived, and I told him the Mehlville area. He chuckled to himself, and I had to ask him, “What’s the joke?” He said, “Your fire district.” I asked him why.

He then informed me that everyone wants to go there because the fire district always cries public-safety concerns and then campaigns quite effectively for more money, higher pay and bigger budgets. He told me it was the “gold standard” for benefits in the area. He wanted to know how the taxpayers could be duped into continually raising tax rates. I did not have an answer.

Moving forward 12 years — we have responsible fiduciary stewards of our tax money building new firehouses, purchasing new trucks and equipment, implementing new training techniques, reducing workers’ compensation, eliminating unnecessary costs, and are you ready for it ­— the unnecessarily high tax rate was rolled back. Firefighters’ unions across the state have funded and supported unqualified candidates to attempt to rid the Mehlville Fire Protection District of current board members, and they will continue to do so.

Longing for the good old days — throw these bums out. By the way, I am a registered Democrat.

Rob Sheahan