Curious but cool, milk mix filled with nutrients

When children are out of school, try letting them get creative in the kitchen and have fun making delicious and cool creations that are nutritious to boot.

Get the ideas started and take a break this summer by making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Milk Mixer for an afternoon treat.

Adding gelatin to a glass of milk may seem like a curious mix, but this snack is as fun to drink as it is to make.

Children will enjoy the tasty combination of grape flavored gelatin and smooth, creamy peanut butter added to a full serving of milk. Moms will appreciate that this fun mixer is made with milk that provides calcium for stronger bones and other essential nutrients like protein and vitamin D.

With limitless combinations of great-tasting gelatin or instant pudding mixed with wholesome milk and whatever other ingredients their imaginations can dream up, children will be kept busy stirring up fun this summer.

Peanut Butter

and Jelly Mixer

1 cup fat-free milk

2 tbsp. grape flavor gelatin

(dry powder)

1 tsp. creamy peanut butter

Pour milk into a tall glass. Add gelatin; stir several minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved.

Stir in peanut butter. Serve immediately.

Makes 1 serving.

Prep time: 5 minutes


Prepare as directed, using crunchy pea-nut butter.