Crestwood’s animal control services necessary, volunteers contend

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor that was printed in the June 11 issue regarding references to animal control here in Crestwood.

The writer, Mr. Ford, indicated that Crestwood is supporting two animal control officers, which is not the case. Our animal control officer works within the borders of Crestwood and is paid by the city. The fact that our taxes may help support St. Louis County’s services does not mean we do not need the services provided right here.

In fact, I would state these services are absolutely necessary. The volunteers help out in two shifts per day when our animal control officer is not there. Our animal control officer does many things that St. Louis County does not handle, such as wild animal calls, litigation and code violations within Crestwood. She also handles the pet tag program, which ensures pets are vaccinated against rabies.

She also willingly gives advice and help to residents about their pets and wild animal assistance. She takes trapped strays to our shelter in Whitecliff Park, where they are vet checked and adopted out to caring homes. She responds to animal injury cases as well. None of these services are offered by St. Louis County, and none of these services will be available to the residents of Crestwood should St. Louis County take over.

As stated in past letters, getting a pet back that has strayed will involve driving 45 minutes away if St. Louis County takes over rather than to Whitecliff Park. Keeping animal control is of huge importance, since animal control makes Crestwood unique and offers a service others municipalities do not.

Mary Wheat and Linda Watson,

Animal Control volunteers