Crestwood writer: Clean Missouri not about merger


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The uninformed and tin-foil-hat conspiracists are among us. A dear reader who is concerned about the prospects of a city-county merger opines that the Clean Missouri initiative is a pathway to such a merger.

However, he is ignorant of the fact that legislative districts are completely different than state/local city, county, township boundaries.

Every 10 years, legislative districts are redrawn based upon census results at the state and federal level. All districts are redrawn.

However, depending on the party in power, these can be redrawn to give that party an unfair and undemocratic advantage, in which the minority number of votes maintains a majority representation.

Clean Missouri removes the partisan aspect, and gives it a fair, democratically based system.

Democracies in all their forms must adhere to one fundamental concept: Majority rules while protecting minority viewpoints. Once the minority viewpoint gets to rule, we no longer have a functioning democracy or republic. It has nothing to do with city/county/township boundaries.

Joe Kibler