Crestwood Ward 2 alderman resigns his post

Crestwood Ward 2 Alderman Steve Knarr has resigned from office due to personal reasons.

The Board of Aldermen will consider a replacement for Knarr in the near future. His resignation was effective April 30.

Under the Crestwood City Charter, an appointed Ward 2 alderman will serve until the city’s “next general municipal election.”

At that time, an election will be conducted in Ward 2 for the remainder of Knarr’s elected term, which expires in April 2010.

Reflecting on his time in office since April 2007, Knarr recently issued the following statement: “I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed my time in office, but due to personal reasons, I didn’t feel I could give my constituents the attention they voted for.

“To the mayor and board, I hope they can come together and unite on one front and that is to successfully redevelop the mall. That and only that will determine whether or not Crestwood survives with the quality of life and services it has today. If the board cannot unite in this purpose and make the financial effort it will take to make it a successful site again, it will be a tremendous disservice to the residents of Crestwood.”