Crestwood, Sunset Hills eye AT&T settlement legislation

Aldermen in Crestwood and Sunset Hills were scheduled this week to consider legislation accepting their respective cities’ settlement from a lawsuit against AT&T.

Crestwood is slated to receive a total of $226,052.95, and Sunset Hills is expected to get $291,487.11.

A St. Louis circuit judge gave preliminary approval in June to a settlement of $65 million in a lawsuit more than 300 Missouri cities and St. Louis County filed against the phone company in 2004 regarding unpaid telephone gross receipt taxes.

By excluding certain items, AT&T underpaid municipalities and the county on that tax, the suit alleged.

A final hearing on the case is scheduled Nov. 2. If the court gives final approval, individual cities would receive settlement checks in December.

The St. Louis County Municipal League is asking county cities to appropriate up to 5 percent of their settlements to the organization to preserve the settlement from future legislative attacks, preserve the municipal tax base and more closely monitor municipal taxpayers to ensure appropriate calculations are used.