Crestwood should ‘end assault’ on Affton Fire, says annexed reader


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

Crestwood needs to end its assault on the Affton Fire Protection District. City Administrator Kris Simpson says that we have nothing to lose in appealing to the state Supreme Court. Wrong!

You have already spent $83,467.97 of Crestwood dollars that could be going to worthwhile needs of the city. How much more in legal fees will the appeal cost?

The city made a deal to annex the area, and they made the decision because at the time they thought it was best for Crestwood. You can’t back out of the deal 20 years later.

What seems to be missing in this is residents of the annexed area, of which I am one. And I had a house fire 10 years ago.

Affton was the the first fire department to respond to the call. Webster Groves was second, and Crestwood was third — the main reason I believe is the location of the firehouses to my house.

I was lucky, and because of their quick response, I only lost part of my house.

How much more would I have lost if we had to wait for Crestwood to get to the fire?

I seriously doubt with the one firehouse location, Crestwood can adequately cover all the Crestwood area. And in a medical emergency, minutes are precious.

We need the services of Affton in the annexed area, as they will be the first to respond if needed.

Charlie Wiegert