Crestwood residents urged to step forward, run for Board of Aldermen

To the editor:

Notice to Crestwood residents — your 2009 city budget was balanced by using cash reserves. Falling sales-tax revenues no longer cover costs of city services.

Also, Crestwood’s leadership may drastically change on April 7, 2009, as six of eight aldermen on Crestwood’s board are subject to re-election.

Crestwood residents, please step forward and run for an alderman position. Pick up your alderman’s declaration of candidacy and petition forms from City Hall. On Tuesday, Dec. 16, City Hall opens the candidate-filing period for residents running for the position of alderman. Filing will continue until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 20. Call (314) 729-4700 for information.

Get involved in running Crestwood. Sales taxes, even with continuing budget cuts, no longer cover costs.

Few seem to know or care how our city pays for services as only 3,030 of 9,040 registered voters bothered to vote in the August election. Voters defeated the increase in property taxes designed to help offset lost sales-tax revenue.

The Board of Aldermen must now continue budget cutting to offset lost income — streets upkeep, parks, services and possibly security may now be on the table for cuts.

In 2000, the city had about 130 employees. The staff budget is 98 employees for 2009. Continuing cuts may begin to affect your home value if residents do not get involved and understand city finances.

In April, six newly elected Board of Aldermen members will face increasing revenue shortfalls from sales-tax income and increasing costs.

This new Board of Aldermen will then decide what will remain of our city as economic forces continue to pull it down.

In short, this board will decide what services go and how much of the city remains as cuts are made to balance the 2010 budget.

John Foote


Editor’s note: Mr. Foote has served as a Crestwood Ward 4 alderman since 2007.