Crestwood resident ‘will confidently’ cast his vote for Steve Nieder

To the editor:

After carefully examining the qualifications and views of all of the Crestwood Ward 4 aldermanic candidates, I will confidently cast my vote for Steve Nieder.

Part of what made this decision easy is Mr. Nieder’s legislative record of fiscal accountability, transparency and dedication to look out for city taxpayers that makes him the right choice at this important point in the city’s history.

As alderman, he drafted tax-incentive guidelines so that future boards would have a consistent approach to evaluating requests for tax incentives for redevelopment. After his term, Mr. Nieder showed his dedication to the city by serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission, broadening his knowledge of key areas of concern for the city. The city was set to consider final approval of legislation Tuesday night to redevelop Crestwood mall, and will greatly benefit from Mr. Nieder’s financial acumen, as well as his knowledge of planning issues, so that any progress on the mall does not come at a price that is incompatible with fiscally sound financial management.

Of the four candidates on the ballot, Mr. Nieder stands head and shoulders above the others with his experience and commitment to the city. Where his opponents face a steep learning curve in evaluating proposed redevelopment legislation, Mr. Nieder will be able to join the sitting aldermen as a veteran with considerable negotiating skills and valuable, experience-based insight.

Please join me in electing Steve Nieder on April 5.