Crestwood resident will cast his vote for Nieder

To the editor:

Steve Nieder is running for Crestwood Ward 4 alderman with a lot of positives:

• Experience as a detail/results-oriented alderman, Planning and Zoning Commission member and Economic Development Commission member.

• Depth of knowledge of Crestwood, how its government functions, balancing budgets, and operating successfully with given resources.

• Dedicated transparency advocate who gives his own time to videotape key governmental meetings, then spends his own money to post the video to a free website so all Crestwood neighbors who are unable to attend these meetings can watch them at their convenience.

• Caring advocate. My 8-year-old daughter and I tagged along with Steve on the campaign trail, and I was inspired by how he takes time to listen to residents’ concerns, patiently answers their questions, and shares thoughtful insights on what he can do to serve residents and help with their concerns.

• Proven financial acumen. One example was 2006 when Mr. Nieder utilized his talents to skillfully guide Crestwood through a major financial crisis, and was a key member of the team of elected officials who built up a much-needed cash reserve.

His responsible stewardship of our tax dollars helped ensure Crestwood paid off its debts and, equally important, honor its promise to taxpayers to cancel the Proposition S tax once the debt was paid.

With looming budget and economic challenges facing the city, Steve’s knowledge and integrity will be a welcome asset to the Board of Aldermen.

Steve Nieder is an outspoken, fearless champion for the people — the people’s Charter and code, our hard-earned money, our right to a transparent, accessible government which conducts the people’s business in an open, ethical manner that embraces a plurality of views while honoring the principles of who we are.

In short, Steve Nieder challenges Crestwood to do better; that’s why I support him for Ward 4 alderman, and encourage fellow Ward 4 voters to do the same April 5.