Trump: ‘Let’s end this national nightmare,’ Crestwood resident writes

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Save the republic from the scourge of Trump.

I strongly encourage my fellow citizens to vote President Trump out of office this November. His handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster. His failure to acknowledge the seriousness of the pandemic early on has cost many thousands of lives.

And his obsession with his own re-election has made him put the safety of our citizens subservient to his own electoral ambitions.

Please vote for Joe Biden. He has experience working with the Ebola virus when he was the vice president under President Obama. And, he has experience as a senator from the state of Delaware. And, he has a strong belief in science, which is exactly what we need to battle COVID-19.

Let’s end this national nightmare and let Trump be remembered as one of the worst presidents ever. We can do better, a lot better.

Michael Nolan