Crestwood resident ‘strongly’ opposes proposed tax-rate increase

The fleecing of Crestwood began with the town-hall meetings in February where each department gave its reason why a tax increase is needed.

When the police chief gave his presentation, he tried to justify his recent purchase of an expensive radio system — more than $500,000 — 10 of the highest-priced police cruisers on the market — more than $200,000 — and pay increases for his employees. His decisions added more than an additional $1 million to the city budget.

A city our size can live without these types of extravagant budget line items.

There were no wage increases for other departments, including the Fire Department and Public Works. In this light, the discussion about turning our Fire Department over to Mehlville seems ridiculous.

Maybe we should consider contracting our police services out to the county.

I strongly oppose a tax increase for our city. Considering the current housing crisis and economic environment, now is not the right time for a tax increase. When everyday families have to tighten their belts, so should city government.

I urge my fellow residents to vote “no” on a tax increase and demand a better budget plan from our elected officials.

Walt Chilenski