Crestwood resident just fine with three-minute limit on comments

To the editor:

In Mike Anthony’s April 7 column, he whines, “Elected officials squelch constituents’ comments.”

At least in Crestwood, this is not an accurate statement. In Crestwood, no resident has been discouraged from voicing their opinions. What they have been asked to do is keep their comments to a three-minute limit.

Can Anthony not see that this is no different than the Call suggesting a maximum of 200 words in letters to the editor? Surely, he must realize that just as the Call has a limited amount of space for reader comments, public meetings have a limited amount of time.

Not to mention, each citizen is completely free to contact his or her aldermanic representative directly to have concerns heard.

Even funnier, are speakers who spend a significant portion of their valuable speaking time complaining that they only get three minutes, instead of just saying what they have to say.

If the majority of Crestwood residents want more time at the podium for everyone equally, perhaps the board could be petitioned for that effect.

But this Crestwood resident appreciates not having to listen to hours and hours of ramblings, and in my opinion, the three-minute time frame keeps the meetings moving along nicely.