Crestwood resident increasingly uneasy about redevelopment of mall

To the editor:

I am growing increasingly uneasy as I follow the stories surrounding the redevelopment of the former Crestwood Plaza.

I am concerned that Mayor Gregg Roby, with the support from the Board of Aldermen, has embarked on a course of action that could damage our community for a long time.

Nobody likes what has become of Crestwood Plaza. It has become an eyesore. It would be nice if we could restore it to its former glory.

But we cannot try to attain that vision by sacrificing our school district, which is exactly what will happen if the mayor’s plan is realized. The proposed multi-family residential component of the new Crestwood Court would flood our school system with additional students to the point that the school’s capacity would be exceeded, which means that children would not receive as good of an education because teachers would be spread too thin as class sizes swell.

Crestwood’s best asset is its school system. That is what attracts people to move here and stay here. If you mess with that, then down the tubes we will go.

I strongly urge the mayor and Board of Aldermen to reconsider their plans and hold transparent meetings with the public where opposing views can be expressed. I also urge Mayor Roby to have a Lincoln-Douglas-style public debate with former Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink about the proposed redevelopment.

I believe the citizens of Crestwood should hear both sides of this issue before rendering their verdict about the city’s future.