Crestwood resident backing Ayouaz for Ward 4 aldermanic position

To the editor:

I am so pleased that the aldermen did the right thing and are finally moving Crestwood forward again.

It has been too long coming, but the mayor’s leadership has prevailed. This is also one of the reasons I support Ismaine Ayouaz for Ward 4 alderman. He has stood firmly behind this plan, after really studying all the alternatives and the financial impact before even deciding to run for alderman.

It is amazing and encouraging to me that a young, busy family man and a new American could be so committed to his city that he actually took the time to attend 90 percent of aldermanic meetings and other open public forums for the past two years. Ismaine is the kind of dynamic and caring individual we need to help lead our great city into the future.

I strongly encourage Ward 4 voters to get out and vote on April 5 and to vote for Ismaine Ayouaz.