Crestwood resident ‘amused’ by ‘incredible irony’ of Duchild’s letter

To the editor:

I can’t be the only Crestwood resident amused by the incredible irony of Martha Duchild’s Jan. 29 letter to the editor.

After being subjected to what feels like an endless stream of Mrs. Duchild’s opinions and criticisms via letters to the editor, it makes perfect sense that she does not like Facebook. Mrs. Duchild could never get away with her own selective omission of pertinent facts or “my-opinion-equals- fact” style of letter writing in a “live” medium such as Facebook.

The most laugh-out-loud sentence in Mrs. Duchild’s entire letter was this: “The selective information shared on Facebook amounts to a perpetual political campaign, where official updates cater to supporters and can be spun to conform to a larger political agenda.”

Is that not precisely what Mrs. Duchild — the wife of Crestwood Ward 3 Alderman Paul Duchild — does in her own letters to the editor? She has no problem criticizing city leaders, yet fails to present all of the information that might paint a completely different picture of the situation. Politics much?

In light of all the fuss being made about local city leaders and their Facebook pages, one thing is clear. The people who are the most upset seem to be the same people who are desperately trying to control their own larger political agenda. How ironic.