Crestwood reader will vote for Ford in Ward 2

To the editor:

I urge you to vote for Tom Ford as your Crestwood Ward 2 alderman on Tuesday, April 4. It just isn’t a Ward 2 election without me. I have had the pleasure of running in the past three elections, but unfortunately unable to win.

I’m sure Mr. Pickel is a fine person, but he is not the right person for alderman.

Mr. Pickel is more concerned about his own agenda than those of the city. In fact, Mr. Pickel is willing to put himself in a situation that has the appearance of a conflict of interest rather than eliminate that perception like another person did.

Mr. Pickel claims on his handout: “We need to be united” and “There has been enough finger pointing.” Take a minute to search the editorial section of The Call — — keyword, Pickel. Mr. Pickel’s letters to the paper demonstrate that he is only capable of criticism, finger pointing and one time that I know of inaccurate information to support his agenda.

Neither candidate is perfect, but Mr. Ford will help the city survive our current problems.

Please join me in voting for Mr. Ford on Tuesday, April 4.

I’m not a member of any “group” in this election. I was not asked to write this letter by anyone. In fact, I have been one of the few truly independent candidates. See you in a future election. Good luck to everyone.

Jeff Schlink