Crestwood clerk’s departure like losing a family member, reader says

To the editor:

“We’re crippled and we’re dazed.”

I was instantly reminded of the words penned over the loss of John Lennon when I first heard of the resignation of our civil servant extraordinaire — Crestwood City Clerk Tina Flowers. I felt the same feeling of shock I had “all those years ago.”

Fortunately, Ms. Flowers is physically fine, but her departure feels like Crestwood lost a member of the family.

Seven years and seven months of fabulous service under three diverse administrations — what a record. Those are facts.

What my family knows firsthand is how darn helpful, friendly and knowledgeable she was. Whether it was assistance with a business license, ensuring access to vital public records or empowering citizens by providing copies of the City Charter and Missouri Sunshine Law, Ms. Flowers performed her duties with the utmost honesty and integrity.

Tina Flowers represents what’s best in faithfulness to a job, the city, and moreover, the citizens of Crestwood. And she felt she had to leave.

One cannot choose but wonder what is going on over there with the city administrator and this new administration.

It does feel like an empty garden, Tina.