Crestwood city logo redesign has resident wondering about cost


To the editor:

We are curious to know how much the proposed redesign of the Crestwood city logo has cost/will cost.

Are there not better things on which to spend the limited budget that we keep hearing about and for which our property taxes just took a huge jump.

The local animal shelter, run by volunteers, comes to mind.

Addressing the horrific speeding and blatant traffic violations on our city streets would be top of many residents’ lists of things much more important than redesigning the city logo.

The posted speed limit on our street is 20 mph. Cars, Meridian refuse-collection trucks, delivery vans and service vehicles routinely race through here at 45 or better.

The school buses are among the worst offenders.

Our neighborhoods have narrow streets, often with cars parked along them.

Because some areas have no sidewalks, there are often pedestrians, people walking their pets or out teaching their small children how to ride bicycles, as well as elderly residents walking “for their health.”

It’s only a matter of time before there is a tragedy because of this.

The other troubling issue is the number of empty alcoholic beverage containers thrown on neighborhood yards. It is routine for us to find at least three vodka bottles and as many beer containers every week, discarded by drivers in vehicles speeding by.

M.C. Piper