Crestwood City Hall might be in another world, letter writer states

Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony wrote in an editorial last November that “Crestwood Mayor Roy Robinson must live in some sort of unique universe — one of his own making in which he decides what is real and what is not.”

I agree, but I would go a step further.

Some of our board members and administration staff may be in a world of their own, too. In the real world, the response to our current economic conditions may include cuts, hiring freezes and close scrutiny of budgets.

Despite all of the talk of budget cuts coming out of City Hall, what was one of the major initiatives passed by the Board of Aldermen after the defeat of a tax increase last August? All city employees will soon receive raises of $1,000.

In the world of Crestwood, there are $1,000 raises and some employees will receive more than that through promotions.

In the world of Crestwood, there is continued spending on Sappington House.

In the world of Crestwood, the expenditures of this year’s budget have increased by more than $1 million over last year’s budget, according to the SunCrest Call.

All of this spending has occurred despite the current economic conditions and the defeat of Proposition 1.

While it may be hard to believe, our City Hall might be in another world.

Roger Anderson