Crestwood citizen attends as many meetings as she can

Many of us have often asked, “Why don’t more residents attend the meeting?”

I attend as many as I can.

Depending upon what the issue is, some meetings are more important than others.

However, having said that, it has been and still is my experience that you can either attend the family’s needs, i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, baseball practice, football practice, Cub Scouts, Brownies, soccer, Dads’ meeting, Moms’ meeting, PTO at three schools and your night to bring the soda at Khoury League.

Providing the kids are all in school, one can attend the daytime meetings. However, if employed, that doesn’t work.

Certainly residents should attend meetings, but then there is also the workload at home. Certainly we should make some of the meetings. The time is just not always available, depending upon our age group. I make more meetings than I used to but I am just the grandma. Now I have more time to do things. Some nights it takes all of us to keep everything going.

Those nights I get there late — unless my other kids need me.

Jacque Stockhausen