Credit-card programs save taxpayers $75,000

Since 2007-2008, Lindbergh Schools has saved more than $75,000 in taxpayer dollars by making purchases through a procurement card, or P-Card, that provides a cash-back rebate to the district and participating in a credit-card rebate program through the district’s financial institution.

Missouri School Boards’ Association Executive Director of School Resources Jim Cherrington recently presented Board of Education President Kathleen Kienstra with a check in the amount of $9,115.62, reflecting significant savings in 2012-2013. Since the program began in 2007-08, the P-Card has generated $51,843.14 in savings.

Besides cash rebates, the P-Card helps school districts save money by improving controls over spending. Districts can restrict purchases to only certain product categories and implement spending limits for each cardholder.

The district also participates in Commerce Bank’s Control Pay Advance program, which allows vendors to receive payment by credit card, and generates a monthly rebate for Lindbergh Schools.

That program has generated $23,291 in rebates since 2010.