Court ruling ends any hope of muffling ‘those rolling jukeboxes’

To the editor:

According to a recent Associated Press report, pigs at a hog farm in Martin County, Fla., will be allowed to continue listening to music.

The owner of the pig farm was hauled into court to answer his neighbor’s complaint that he was disturbing the peace when he played music for his hogs. At the trial, the farmer was found not guilty when he testified that the music made his hogs “fat and happy.”

Well, there goes any hope for putting an end to those brain-rattling boom boxes on wheels that drive up and down the streets of Green Park, vibrating the window shades and scaring the hell out of my dog.

Due to the extremely dark tinted windows in those rolling jukeboxes, I have never been quite able to see just what sort of strange creatures are driving them. But after reading about the pig farmer, I have an idea they couldn’t be happier.

I also suspect they are very, very fat.

Harvey Meyer

Green Park