County Police warn about new synthetic drug

The St. Louis County Police Department is warning about a new synthetic drug, tentatively identified as “N-Bomb” or “Legal Acid,” that has been purchased undercover in the metro area by drug detectives.

N-Bomb, named for its chemical name 2C-I-NBOMe or 25INBOMe, is a new, very potent synthetic hallucinogen that is killing users around the country, according to a news release. Deaths have been reported in California, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia. Only Virginia and Louisiana — in November — have banned the substance thus far.

The new hallucinogen drug, which is also referred to as “25I”, is a derivative of mescaline, but is much more potent and deadly than similar predecessors, the release stated. N-Bomb is a liquid that most commonly is soaked into blotter paper, which users put on their tongue.

“This is a very dangerous drug, and it’s important that we get this information out to the public,” Chief Tim Fitch stated in the release.