County executive delivering on his campaign promises, reader says

To the editor:

I read, with interest, Tom Sullivan’s letter about County Executive Steve Stenger’s actions not matching his campaign promises.

I have experienced just the opposite.

For years, I, and other animal-protection advocates, had tried unsuccessfully to get the prior administration to work at reducing euthanasia rates and improve quality of life at County Animal Care and Control, or CACC. County Executive Stenger announced his objection to the unacceptably high euthanasia rate during his campaign and promised a plan to reduce it.

Since his election, he has addressed the situation, and delivered on his promise. He has made excellent appointments of upper level staff, who have taken considerable time, at Mr. Stenger’s direction, to properly address the problems at CACC.

Mr. Stenger and his upper-level staff have each personally toured the facility and noted how the dogs and cats are kept there.

Personnel changes were made, and the records, practices and operations have been opened up and are now transparent to the volunteers who help there.

A public event was held on National Walking Day in April, to promote adoptable dogs and call for dog walking volunteers in the community.

A mentor program for volunteers at CACC is being developed and will be implemented in the near future.

A public Advisory Board, including knowledgeable and experienced members of the animal protection community, including advocates, veterinarians and shelter professionals, has been created and formally appointed and will be meeting monthly to assist in achieving Mr. Stenger’s goals for CACC.

If an elected official does what he promises to do, it is restorative to the faith we have in our public government. County Executive Stenger promised transparency, inclusiveness and fairness to all.

He is delivering.