Concord resident urges readers to cast ‘no’ vote on Proposition S

To the editor:

I’ve been reading all of this baloney about Proposition S lately with great interest.

Since when did it become the responsibility of us non-seniors to provide handouts for those who are? What are we getting out of this? What benefit exactly are we getting in return for them to be able to stay in their homes forever? By the time I’m old enough to benefit, I may not even still be living here or I could be dead — money down the drain.

Sure, it’s only $10 for a $100,000 house, but it still amounts to charity that I have no intention of giving.

I already give enough of my hard-earned money away in taxes that go to waste by various government entities.

Here’s a thought: How about those who use the services be the ones to pay for it?

You know, like with electricity — you only pay for what you use.

These services should be pay per use so the rest of us aren’t footing the bill. This is just getting ridiculous. This isn’t a dis on the seniors, it’s just common sense.

Vote “no” on Prop S.