Comparing Trump to Nazis ‘dishonors thousands who gave lives’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael Broughton’s weekly rants have gone over the top by calling a duly elected U.S. president a  “Nazi.”

Where are the forced labor camps? Where are the ditches filled with murdered men, women and children?

Mr. Broughton, show me the gold teeth Mr. Trump has chiseled out of the mouths of the dead, the hair and jewelry taken off gassed bodies.

That’s what Nazism was about.

Mr. Broughton describes our American economy as a centralized autocratic government of economic and social regimentation.

Funny, thousands are trying to come here, and millions have their savings invested in the stock market —  which since Mr. Trump’s election is up 30-plus percent.

After World War II, I thought we would never hear again of Nazis or see that ugly flag.  For Mr. Broughton to so easily, and with historical disregard, bring back those ugly and terrible days simply to bash a president he does not support is thoughtless and dishonors the thousands who gave their lives during World War II and fought to end tyranny.

As an officeholder, I would have expected better.

Mr. Broughton is entitled to his opinion, and so am I.

Bill Keller