Communications director adds some context to Franz’s salary figures

To the editor:

As the school board and community consider how to deal with the budget situation facing the Mehlville School District, I would urge everyone to keep the concept of context in the discussion.

stated that “there are over 17 administrators within the district being paid in excess of $100,000.” What is missing, unfortunately, is any context that compares Mehlville to other area districts.

Mehlville’s 17 well-compensated administrators oversee a student population of 10,700. Lindbergh has 15 administrators earning at least $100,000 and they oversee only 6,300 students.

In Kirkwood, there are 5,600 students with 26 administrators topping $100,000. The Fox C-6 School District pays 36 administrators more than $100,000 to oversee 11,500 students.

Rockwood is twice the size of Mehlville — 21,300 — but it has three times the number of $100,000 administrators.

One can clearly see that Mehlville has a far smaller percentage of well-compensated administrators based on student population.

This isn’t a value judgment, it’s a fact. And here’s another fact — Mehlville administrators, well-compensated as they are, earn significantly less than most of their peers at the above mentioned districts. Tossing out large numbers without the proper context is usually meant to enrage rather than to enlighten the public.

As Mehlville and Oakville residents face difficult choices, let’s make sure they get more information, not less, in order to make wise decisions.

And for the record, I have a BJ, MA and MBA and my salary for 2015-2016 will be $75,060.