Commends Hilmer, Stegman for their actions

To the editor:

After reading your opinion in the recent Call concerning the Mehlville Fire Pro-tection District, I totally agree with your assessment of their actions and also highly commend (board Chairman) Mr. (Aaron) Hilmer and (Treasurer) Mrs. (Bonnie) Stegman for exposing major irregularities within fire district operations and their actions to fix the atrocious benefits previously given firefighters.

Exposing and correcting past giveaways are why Hilmer and Stegman were elected.

They ran on a platform to clean up the mess at the MFPD. This mess and the ex-cess spending was the union’s fault through their “direct backroom” manipulation of the previous board.

It was also printed that firefighters are so mistreated that they are even called upon “in the middle of the night.” Isn’t that what they are paid very well to do? Even police officers work all night at far less compensation than firefighters.

Another letter states that we should just spend a 24-hour day with the firefighters.

Well, would that also show us that a majority of their day is spent inside an air-conditioned firehouse watching satellite television, eating regular meals, sleeping and running personal errands at Dierbergs and the various credit unions while awaiting possible calls?

In summation, the taxpayers should and will be given the services being well paid for.

L. Eaton