‘Climategate’ shows unethical promotion of global warming, reader says

To the editor:

When the government picks winners and sends grant money, it has the expected effect of promoting a specific conclusion.

In “Climategate: Follow the Money,” e-mails from top grant-receiving researchers show how data can be twisted and outright misrepresented to create the appearance of the desired outcome when the actual data shows the opposite. These e-mails, where the scientists repeatedly talk of “hiding the decline” and how to discredit other research, show how money can trump ethics — even in the supposedly objective area of science.

According to the Wall Street Journal — Dec 1, 2009 — Phil Jones, the director of Climate Research Unit, one of the premier global-warming research centers and the sponsor of the hugely misleading hockey-stick graph for global warming, received a total of $19 million in grants from 2000 to 2006.

As the WSJ’s Bret Stephen says, “Vested interests are the enemy of sound science.”

Virginia Ashpole