City must consider all possible funding solutions

To the editor:

I was surprised and disappointed to see that the Board of Aldermen voted to not discuss cuts in the Police or Fire departments any more as part of a possible long-term solution to widely known cash problems.

I was also sorry to see that (Ward 1) Alderman (Richard) LaBore sponsored the motion as, knowing him as I do, I am sure it was made to be kind to the Fire and Police personnel and not for any other reason.

However, per recent reports from the city administrator, Mr. (Don) Greer, by 2006 the city can no longer continue to operate without additional income or less cost.

Assuming this is correct, all possible solutions should be discussed. If the Fire Department change would make no monetary sense, then it can be removed from discussion, but not the Police Department.

Also the citizens should be advised of all the choices and given all the accurate information well in advance of any public vote on tax increases.

As far as upsetting the police or other city personnel is concerned, I would ask who has “job protection” in these days of a world economy, corporate consolidation and, yes, even city consolidations.

Unfortunately, we all deal with uncertainty every day and seem to be able to continue doing our jobs to the best of our ability.

We cannot stop seeking all possible solutions to our problems because they might be less attractive than what we have today.

Gil Bilderback