‘A city-county merger? Not now, not ever,’ local homeowner writes

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
This Concord Village homeowner says “no” to a county-city merger — not now, not ever.
It was good to see elected officials in Sunset Hills and Green Park rejecting a merger with St. Louis city.
Perhaps letter writers Dr. Keith and Kathy Odegard should move to the city and donate their tax money and time to help it flourish in these trying times.
St. Louis city leadership has allowed protestors to destroy property and shut down highways with no consequence. Why would Amazon locate a huge facility creating up to 50,000 jobs after all the unrest? The very people who are protesting are hurting their own cause with this behavior.
Spare the 90 percent of county residents who would oppose any merger with the city. Put it to a once-only vote and all that mindset of “we need a merger.” We’ll see an overwhelming majority reject such liberal thoughts.
Meanwhile, please move to the city because it needs your tax dollars.
A city-county merger? Not now, not ever.
Joe Spezia
Concord Village