Citizen should be thanked for his concern, not ‘voraciously’ attacked

To the editor:

First, I must admit reading the Call mostly for the entertainment from the dramas at our numerous cities, districts and villages in south county.

But what struck my eye these past two weeks were Michael Wendl’s letter and Marian Marty’s response regarding the revolving door of trustees at Grantwood Village. Fortunately I don’t live in the village, but something is amiss when one of its citizens voraciously attacks a resigning trustee and another concerned citizen critical of their governors.

How one could infer an accusation of “implied something sinister or subversive is going on in Grantwood Village” from Mr. Wendl’s letter is beyond me. Mr. Wendl is a concerned citizen and should be thanked for his concern. When we smell smoke, we should notify others to look for the fire. Our Founding Fathers expected it from us.

Donald Koppy