Choice is clear: Schlink most-qualified candidate to lead Crestwood

To the editor:

Over the years, I have helped with the campaigns of many of Crestwood’s elected officials, some more than once.

The standard I use to help decide whether to support those who run for a second time is simple: Once elected, how do their votes reflect the principles and campaign promises on which they sold themselves as candidates? There are only two people I helped who, once elected, failed to meet this standard: Roy Robinson and Gregg Roby.

It came as little surprise to me then when I discovered that, as of this writing, Roy Robinson is one of Gregg Roby’s biggest campaign contributors. But what is more troubling is that during the mayoral debate, Mr. Roby, who claims to support complete transparency in government, had two opportunities to fully disclose the names of his campaign contributors, and refused to do so. Is this blatant lack of transparency and political doublespeak a preview of what we can expect if he becomes mayor?

When we cast our votes for mayor on April 8, Crestwood voters will be filling a leadership position with a three-year term.

It is a job that requires far more effort, skill and commitment than simply punching a clock at City Hall. We need to be confident that the person who occupies the mayor’s seat is guided by firmly held convictions which inform his decisions, regardless of political consequence.

Mayor Schlink is battle-tested and well-prepared for future challenges. He has responded to criticism with composure and honesty, led the city with dignity while overseeing contentious redevelopment discussions, and continues to actively work day and night on our behalf on multiple fronts, helping to secure Crestwood’s future. Mayor Schlink is a principled public servant, not a politician.

The choice is clear: The most qualified candidate for mayor of Crestwood is Jeff Schlink, and I hope you will join me in voting for Mr. Schlink on April 8.