Chief explains very well on how, why MFPD operates, reader says

To the editor:

Launching pads are all over America.

According to a CNNMoney article last April, millennials change jobs four times in the first 10 years after graduating from college — the new normal.

Wasn’t that the age Mehlville Fire Protection District Chief Brian Hendricks cited in the Feb. 16 Call article, 26- and 27-year-olds who are looking out for their bright futures? If there are applicants to fill those vacancies, either experienced or first-year firefighters, what is the issue?

MFPD Board of Directors candidate Jane Kolb has an issue with it. It’s a little strange that if this was such a major detriment to the Mehlville Fire Protection District, you think we would have heard from Ms. Kolb before the fire board election.

Chief Hendricks explained very well on why and how the MFPD operates. Ms. Kolb thinks and states that MFPD has an employee turnover issue. Yet she did not request any documentation from the MFPD to back up her claim before the Call article was published. Why, Ms. Kolb?

It is interesting that Ms. Kolb’s husband is a firefighter with the Monarch Fire Protection District — you know, the one where the chief is under suspension, yet they live in the MFPD. Would less of a tax burden be one of the reasons? Hmm.

Ms. Kolb is another candidate that the firefighters’ union fronts to remove a member of the board who works for the taxpayers of the district. Taxpayers of MFPD need to ask themselves, with the current board have you seen or experienced a decline in service?

If not, then what is the problem?

Greg Frigerio