Changes at fire district won’t benefit anyone

To the editor:

I’m a registered nurse in the emergency department and also the wife of a 26-year veteran paramedic at the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

Approximately one year ago my husband was on a call for an auto accident when his ambulance was struck by a drunk driver.

The ambulance landed on his right side, causing multiple fractures. A firefighter was also struck and suffered a severe head injury.

Under the past disability policy, my husband and our family had the security in knowing he would be taken care of until he could return to work or God forbid, even if he was never able to return. My question to Mehlville residents is this: How many of you have husbands or wives who put their lives on the line every time they show up for work?

My husband was able to return to work thanks to the rehabilitation given to him and the support of many. If we can’t take care of our own so when they are placed in harm’s way they do not have to worry before taking that next call if their children can stay in the same school or will they need to sell their home, then shame on us Mehlville.

I believe I have met a great many of you in passing while working at St. Anthony’s emergency room, and I have always thought this community had great pride in itself and in the caliber of people who represent it. I’m here to tell you, Mehlville is one of the most respected districts by medical professionals.

Mehlville paramedics have always been trusted to know how to take care of any situations, whether it be minor or life threatening.

Mehlville residents need to attend these board meetings and be a voice for these men and women because the changes I see will not benefit anyone.

Deb Weingartner