Change name of Central Office to Administrative Office, reader says

To the editor:

First, let me pass the litmus test needed for criticism of the Johnny’s Market purchase: I am not related to a Lindbergh teacher, nor do I even know the name of a Lindbergh teacher.

In the Call’s Aug. 25 issue, Superintendent Jim Simpson goes to great lengths to describe the necessity of locating what he calls the Central Office at the corner of Sappington and Gravois roads.

The rationale is that because Johnny’s is at the supposed center of the school district, then that is where Central Office must be, regardless if less expensive property is available.

If you see where the Rockwood and Parkway school districts have what they call administrative offices, you will find they are not in the center of the district at all, nor at the “apex of the major arteries of the district.” Somehow their teachers and staff have managed to function.

So, the answer to this issue is obvious: Change the name from Central Office to Administrative Office. We will be able to save money since we will not be bound to expensive property at the center of the district, and it will allow the corner property at the “apex” to generate sales and property taxes in the future.