Change just might be in order for Crestwood

To the editor:

I don’t despair each week when I receive the Call, even as it continues to chronicle the depressing state of affairs in my town.

This, after all, is the window through which we all see Crestwood nowadays. Info we need. Interestingly, this information all seems to come in the person of the Crestwood city administrator/police chief, whose position is a bit of an enigma to me.

It has been many moons since I saw the elected officials in this town recover their voice; they are rarely quoted in local newspapers. Where are the voices of the elected in this town who along with their embarrassed constituency face an Enron-type scandal, an empty bank account and a state audit? We are broke for gosh sakes.

How and why did this happen? I really don’t care who says: “The board is eager to see things happen,” as regards development — well sure it is. So am I. Building condos and discussing redevelopment is small change, however, when a state audit, a double lawsuit, a bank loan to run the city, layoffs and officials who have let the cat get their tongue are burning issues.

Since when is it the job of the city administrator to be the “town crier?”

I have read all too much about “effect,” but way too little about “cause” during these last painful months. Right now, I would hope there are those in this town who would step forward and choose to run for an aldermanic position in the upcoming election. I really don’t believe the so-called silent majority understands the problems at all.

Change might just be in order.

Carol Casey