Chamber president says Hayden not representing special interests

I strongly disagree with Executive Editor Mike Anthony’s opinion that Green Park Ward 3 Alderman Mark Hayden is representing special interests instead of residents because he thinks it would be irresponsible not to consider letting the Green Park Commerce Center pay for its own street maintenance.

Ward 2 Alderman Tim Thuston, chairman of the Business License Committee, assembled the best and brightest minds in the city to discuss the future financial needs of Green Park. When the subject of Commerce Center street replacement costs of $1.1 million dollars was discussed, it was suggested by me and other committee members that the Commerce Center may be interested in paying for their own maintenance in lieu of a Business License.

At the suggestion of Alderman Hayden, Chairman Thuston and I met with Commerce Center representatives, who agreed to pay for their own street maintenance. They did not ask for any other exclusion from Green Park ordinances and there were no other stipulations.

Alderman Hayden supports the idea of exploring the possibility of saving the citizens of Green Park $1.1 million of future maintenance on streets that most citizens will never use.

That kind of “common-sense” government is what we should all demand from our elected officials.

There are no “special interests” in Green Park, only the residential community and the business community and both work together in harmony to create the most successful city in the history of south county.

Jim Smoot

south county

Editor’s note: Mr. Smoot serves as president of the Green Park Chamber of Commerce.