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Armchair diagnosis of Trump is unethical, Oakville reader maintains

Letter to the Editor To the editor: In response to Ms. Susan Mroz’s Jan. 3 letter stating that mental-health professionals question the president’s ability to serve, I would suggest that for transparency purposes, she relate that she is a registered Democrat and active in local Democratic politics. Similarly, I would suggest that Dr. Brandy Lee,

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Mehlville School District seeks business partners to mentor students

Letter to the Editor  To the editor: I have the privilege of helping to ensure Mehlville School District students graduate from our schools as college-, career- and life-ready individuals. Our students greatly benefit from opportunities to meet and learn from practicing professionals in the fields they are interested in pursuing. To that end, we are

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Our Call: Legislators need to follow their own Sunshine Laws

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd News Editor glorialloyd@callnewspapers.com The Missouri Legislature designs and governs Sunshine Law for every public official in the state. But ironically, the Legislature has historically exempted itself from that very law that it tells other government officials to follow. Emails to the governor, a school superintendent, a county executive or a city

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