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Unique ACT solution: Make Mehlville all boys, and Oakville all girls

Letter to the Editor  To the editor: Terry Hildebrandt wisely warned in a January letter about the Mehlville School District’s declining ACT scores — now an average 21. Low ACT scores often result in a lifetime just above poverty. STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — creates millionaires and great teaching opportunities, especially for

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Our Call: Mehlville’s achievement is deserving of a celebration

Editorial By Gloria Lloyd No one was happier than the editorial board of this newspaper when the Mehlville School District’s 2018 statewide test scores were publicly revealed Feb. 1. On the back of high growth in student achievement year-on-year, the district earned a near-perfect score on the overall rating the state gives each district, the

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Our Call: Compassion at county animal shelter? Not here

Editorial  As professional observers of government, and especially government in St. Louis County and the region, we often find ourselves shaking our heads wondering how a certain county official ever came to the conclusion that something was a good idea. Some things just fail basic aspects of a common-sense test. A good question for government

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