Caregivers also must take care of themselves

If you’re caring for a loved one with cancer, it can often feel overwhelming, confusing and sometimes daunting.

In fact, recent research has shown many people caring for someone with cancer ex-perience depression and anxiety. But caring for someone with cancer, however, can be a rewarding experience.

Here are some top tips for caregivers:

• Remember, caregiving is a team effort. Connect with other family members and friends, as well as the patient’s health care team, to get help and divide tasks.

• Be a problem-solver. Identify problems, find out what is needed and follow through with a solution.

• Recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses in deciding what to do yourself and what tasks to get help with.

• Talk about your concerns with your loved one and his or her doctors and other members of the cancer care team.

• Seek information and guidance — many resources are available on the internet and locally to help support family caregivers.

• Make sure to take time for yourself.