Can’t support continued collection of Crestwood’s Proposition S tax

To the editor:

Ladies and gentlemen of Crestwood, we have a really strange anomaly happening in our fair city these days.

On the one hand, we are told that we must continue the Proposition S tax until 2013, and on the other, we are told that the reason for the tax is over. I ask, which is it?

We are told that the monies must be paid back to the general fund, and then we hear that it was done by a combination of things not related to the Proposition S program at all.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg as we have a person living in the Sappington House rent, heat and light free and getting $100 per month to boot for the privilege. Not only that, but this same person is also doing the job of the residential code-enforcement person.

We are paying for two animal-control officers — one in Crestwood and one in the county — at a time when our animal-control shelter is totally manned by volunteers.

Continue the tax? I think not as long as the administration is bound and determined to waste taxpayer funds on frivolous funding like the above.

Thomas C. Ford