Candidate disappointed by letter to the editor

To the editor:

Congratulations Mr. Kelleher on winning your election to be Ward 2 alderman in Crestwood.

Mr. Kelleher and Mr. Himebaugh both ran great campaigns.

Two days following the conclusion to our election I was disappointed to read Mr. Chris Pickel’s letter to the editor. I agree 100 percent that Mr. Pickel has the right to express his opinion, but I draw the line with him not telling the truth.

In Mr. Pickel’s letter, he writes, “One final point. Mr. Schlink claims to be an active member of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish. As a school parent and active parish member myself, I cannot recall ever seeing him at a parish function.”

After reviewing all literature I distributed and all articles regarding our campaign, I was unable to locate any information supporting Mr. Pickel’s letter.

After discussing the letter with Mr. Pickel, he apologized and agreed to submit a follow-up letter confirming that I did not make the claim he wrote.

My wife and I were much more active a few years ago when Father Tom Haley was there during her Catechism classes. We had also planned to send our daughter to school at St. Elizabeth.

Mr. Pickel also claimed, “… He has not offered to serve the city in any official capacity.” On April 9, 2003, after my previous campaign, I called former Mayor Robertson asking to join the TIF Commission.

Mr. Robertson returned my call and informed me that the commission seats had been filled.

I have specific areas that I believe that my advanced education and business experience can be best leveraged.

I will not simply join a board so that I can say I’m on a board. I would not expect Mr. Pickel to have known about my request to former Mayor Robertson.

I still don’t understand why Mr. Pickel wrote his letter regarding our campaign knowing that if published, and it was, would not be until after the election.

Jeffrey C. Schlink