Campisi’s comments consistent with campaign promises, former state rep says

Jeffrey Wagener’s accusatory letter of County Councilman John Campisi’s remarks in his candidate survey to the Call Newspapers was a tad on the sensitive side for Wagener and he defended himself as the former councilman of the 6th County Council District.

But political charges will be aimed at any elected official’s actions, including previous officeholders, and how their decisions using the power of their office may have been relevant to the relationship of their campaign contributors.

When I read Campisi’s comment about not accepting campaign contributions from developers and decision making for developments, his comments were consistent with his campaign promises and his service on the County Council. He contrasted himself from the previous councilman and expanded his statement to include his efforts to give south countians a “fair chance” to be heard in the county’s planning and zoning process of development.

That’s why he established Citizen Advisory Groups in different areas of the 6th District for citizens’ involvement and input into community development. Wagener did not. His office has responded to over 14,000 constituents’ contacts and worked to resolve complaints and solve problems. Wagener’s did not. And Campisi worked with federal authorities to stop the bribes-for-votes scandal in county government that resulted in Democrat Councilman Bob Young and another individual imprisoned on federal charges.

If County Executive Charlie Dooley wants to reform county government, his Democratic majority on the council can take the lead to stop these longtime political charges of contributions to politicians and their public policy making. Mr. Dooley has not been responsive to the outcry of opposition to many issues in our community and it’s not because of his lack of sensitivity to south countians — he just doesn’t care. We would be curious to know if Dooley has accepted any campaign contributions from trash-hauling companies, Fred Weber Inc. or their law firms.

Catherine S. Enz

south county

Editor’s note: Mrs. Enz is a former Republican state representative.