Campisi deserves to be re-elected to council

To the editor:

I have just finished reading the article in the Call that provides comments from Ms. Leicht and Councilman Campisi, and I have some comments — and questions — of my own.

No. 1 is how does Ms. Leicht figure Coun-cilman Campisi hasn’t provided leadership?

He’s the first representative we’ve had that actually cares more about representing what his constituents want than what the countyiexecutive and his crew want.

If it wasn’t for him and what Ms. Leicht calls “controversy and turmoil,” we would already have a stinking trash-transfer station in our back yards and Baumgartner Road would have 18-wheel trash trucks tearing up the road and dropping garbage all over.

Sure, it’s easy to avoid “controversy and turmoil.” All you have to do is roll over and play dead when someone wants to rezone and the citizens don’t want it. That’s what his predecessor did and that’s why he was turned out. Weiwanted someone to actually represent us. Councilman Campisi has done that.

Since Ms. Leicht can’t really find anything Councilman Campisi hasn’t done for us, she’s using that tired old story about his mistake in using public water for his pool.

OK, he made a mistake. He’s paid the fine and probably will never hear the end of it.

Where were you when the president of the United States perjured himself — a felony, by the way — and everyone in your party said to ignore it and “move on.” How about our “moving on” on this sillyithing?

In the Call article you said, “… It is critical that the elected councilman have the qualifications and experience needed to address the tough issues currently facing our community.”

Exactly. There hasn’t been a more difficultiissue than Fred Weber’s continual applications and appealsion that trash-transfer station, and Councilman Campisi has been hanging tough for Oakville for a long, long time.

She states, “I am opposed to a trash-transfer station …”

Councilman Campisi has proved he really is opposed to it. Ms. Leicht also implies that it is Councilman Campisi’s lack of leadership that caused a resident to be subjected to an alleged SLAPP suit.

No, Ms. Leicht, Fred Weber filed that suit, not Councilman Campisi. Let’s not spin this situation any worse than it is.

It’s nice to drop names of those who “approached” you to run. But Councilman Campisi has done a better job than anyone before him and deserves to be re-elected.

Otherwise it will go back to being the same old group telling each other how good they are and continuing the same old pattern.

Marlene Colona