Call’s Facebook followers react to Crestwood bike ride rejection


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“I am a business owner along Route 66 and for the record I support this event and am thoroughly disgusted by the City of Crestwood.” Michelle Funkenbusch


“There’s no traffic on Watson at 10 at night. Most restaurants will be closed by then.” Lisa Linke


“The proposed route involves 2.3 miles through Crestwood (1-way), 15 intersections, and 15 driveways… 30 points of traffic entering the road. I am not going to second-guess the Police Chief on this.” Alderman Grant Mabie

“I guess he is embarrassed of that sweet mound of dirt along the proposed route.” Thomas Frisella


“I certainly appreciate that Grant Mabie is taking the time to respond… Crestwood residents would like to see some life breathed back into this city.” Dawn Drennen

“Well, all that traffic coming in and out of Crestwood Mall is a real… Oh wait. Nope, don’t get
this at all. If the placement timing of the cones is an issue, simply put them out earlier.”
Steve Murphy